Terms & conditions

    Terms and Conditions of Use

    In use of speakupchallenge.com (“The Website”), or by attendance to any SPEAKup event (“Events”) you are stating your acknowledgment and acceptance of the terms detailed below.

    1. Risk

    1.1 Users use The Website at their own risk, and hereby accept SPEAKup (“SPEAKup Challenge Limited”) will not be held responsible for any damages caused in relation to use of The Website.

    1.2 Users attend Events at their own risk, and hereby accept SPEAKup will not be held responsible for any damages caused in relation to attending Events.

    1. Privacy

    2.1 All users are hereby informed that Cookies are in use across The Website. Using Cookies allows SPEAKup to offer a personalised browsing experience. Please contact SPEAKup directly for further information.

    2.2 Users accept that SPEAKup may contact them directly via e-mail to inform them of details relating to their use of The Website.

    1. Member profiles

    3.1 SPEAKup allows users to create and maintain a Member Profile on The Website.

    3.2 Member Profiles are publically accessible and could be indexed by Search Engines.

    3.3 Users are responsible for all content displayed on their Member Profile, including images, text, and updates.

    1. Event RSVPs

    4.1 Users can opt to attend events by submitting an “RSVP” via The Website.

    4.2 Users are limited to a certain number of RSVPs per calendar month as allowed by their Membership Level.

    4.3 Users may submit RSVPs up until the date of the event.

    4.4 SPEAKup may adjust your RSVP allowance in accordance with the terms detailed herein.

    1. Event Cancelations

    5.1 Once an RSVP is submitted, it is non-cancellable and non-transferable.

    5.2 You may contact SPEAKup to request an RSVP be cancelled, which will be considered on an individual basis.

    5.3 Users are not entitled to any compensation for RSVPs submitted where they later failed to attend an event.

    5.4 If SPEAKup cancels an event, your RSVP will be refunded to your account.

    1. Community Guidelines

    6.1 Users must at all times ensure their conduct at Events and on The Website meets The Guidelines (“Community Guidelines”) detailed in this agreement.

    6.2 Community Guidelines;

    On The Website, users must:

    1. Not upload or post any nudity, swearing, or overly offensive content.
    2. Only use your own Intellectual Property or from a source where you have acquired permission to use.
    • Not attempt to access any area of the website for which you do not have permission to view

    At Events, users must:

    1. Be polite
    2. Not use any offensive language
    • Wear appropriate clothing so as to not cause offense to other users
    1. Respect other members

    6.3 Any breach in the Community Guidelines may result in disciplinary action as detailed in section 8.

    1. Breach of Community Guidelines

    7.1 Subsequent to a breach in Community Guidelines, a SPEAKup Host (“SPEAKup Event Host”) has the right to demand the user leave the Event immediately.

    7.2 In cases where SPEAKup feels the Community Breach is severe (“Severe Community Breach”), SPEAKup reserves the right to immediately terminate the users Membership, make in-active the associated Member Profile, and cancel any subscriptions or upcoming Events the user was to attend.

    7.3 If Membership is terminated as a result of a Severe Community Breach, the user is not entitled to any refund for events missed, or periods of Membership not yet used. The user accepts all losses related to the termination of their Membership.

    7.4 A terminated user may be permanently banned from Events and The Website at the discretion of SPEAKup.

    1. Data protection

    8.1 SPEAKup takes steps to ensure the data of our Service Users is stored, processed, and removed, in line with the Data Protection Act (2007).

    8.2 Any breach of personal data will be reported to service users within 72 hours of such a breach.

    1. Updates

    9.1 SPEAKup may alter these terms at any time in the future without issuing notice to users.