Are you interested in motivational speaking? Then you’re probably looking for motivational speaker training courses in London.

To help, we’ve put together this guide so that you can source, compare, and review the options available.


A lot of the people who enquire about our courses are interested in becoming professional motivational speakers – not all of them, but a significant amount of them. So we started to look into courses designed specifically for motivational speaker training in London.

Personal development and starting your own business are huge trends right now. We figured that you could easily spend hours searching through your various options, weighing the pros and cons of each course, and trying to find the one that fits your needs the best.

So we decided we’d do all of that time-consuming work for you, and the result is this guide. We hope you find it useful, and hopefully it saves you some time scouring the web. Onwards!

The Top 5 Motivational Speaking Courses in London

5. International School of Communication: Presentation Training and Public Speaking

£1314 | Two day course | View course

This course is designed to teach its participants how to become better public speakers and create visual presentations to enhance the delivery of a speech.
However, this course really only has one module that is specific to public speaking, the rest are all presentation focused. So maybe not ideal for those of you looking to hone your speaking skills.
From the looks of their course outline, the majority of your time will be spent practicing as opposed to learning public speaking techniques. Of the 8 modules, 4 of them are practice sessions, and there’s even a fifth module on “Refining, finalising and rehearsing a presentation” (so… another practice session).
This might be great if you’re someone who learns best from repeated practice, but with little time allocated to learning new skills, it’s hard to determine how much real improvement could be made.
I think the thing that throws me off the most about this course, though, is that the reviews are really vague and minimal!
That being said, this course is short and intensive – ideal for busy professionals. It could also be a great option for anyone looking to improve their speaking skills specifically for a workplace environment – whether that’s your own workplace where you’re required to deliver presentations, or if you’re looking to work in the corporate world and deliver training with a strong visual presentation element.

4. The-Centre: Motivating and inspiring your workforce

£495+VAT | One day course | View course

This course is aimed towards managers, supervisors, and team leaders, but the content covered could also be useful for anyone looking to enter the motivational speaker niche.
From the looks of their outline, the course has some great content, including:
– identifying individual and organisational motivators
– how to inspire others to want to succeed
– and how to keep yourself motivated and lead by example
So if you’re looking to specialise in workplace motivational speaking, or you’re willing to take the teachings out of context and apply it to your own goals, this course is a pretty solid choice.
But, there’s no public speaking training included. So you’d probably have to sign up for an additional course in order to develop those key skills – perhaps the Writing speeches: keynotes, presentations and special occasion addresses (£395+VAT) or Confident and effective presentations (£445+VAT). While they will offer you a 5% discount if you buy more than one course, it can still get pricey pretty quickly!
One of the other downsides to this course is that it’s only available once at least 3 people are interested, so there’s no scheduled course dates and you don’t know how long you’ll have to wait.

3. Ginger Public Speaking: The Foundations of Excellent Public Speaking

£435+VAT | One day course | View course

Ginger’s foundation course covers some great aspects of public speaking; how to avoid nervous habits, body language, and vocal delivery etc.
For a one day course, Ginger really packs in a lot of useful teaching. Not only will you get opportunities to practice throughout the day, you’ll receive detailed feedback on personal impact when speaking and an action plan for your personal development moving forward.
However, the course is advertised as a taster session, and it seems the next step for non-corporate clients is to sign up for 1:1 coaching. But for a starting point, this course seems quite good! The website is nice and personable, you can see that Ginger has a genuine desire to help her clients improve, and she has a free TED-Style Talk Guidebook and some really useful additional resources.
There’s also an advanced course focused on empowering women to become influential leaders (though this 8-month programme seems to be for already established ladies, and even has an application process).
The only potentially off-putting thing is that Ginger’s focus seems to be on training corporate clients. She has plenty of online courses available for individuals, but otherwise the majority of her in-person training seems to be for corporations, delivered in-house.

2. College of Public Speaking: Speak Out and Inspire

£317+VAT | One day course | View course

The main focus of this course is speaking with authenticity, and learning how to speak with more power, persuasion and presence (we love some alliteration).
Based on the course outline listed, it seems that you’ll spend the majority of the one day workshop focusing on vocal and body language techniques such as releasing tension from your voice and using posture and movement to mesmerise.
Again, not specifically designed for people looking to become motivational speakers, but it does look like it covers a lot of content that would be useful if built upon.
Worth noting, though, is that the video at the top of the course page which features the trainer feels a little scripted and detached.
The College of Public Speaking also offer a 5 day course (£1597+VAT) but their Speak Out and Inspire course seemed a little more relevant to motivational speaking specifically.

1. The SPEAKup Challenge

£699+VAT | Three month course | View course

The SPEAKup Challenge is the only public speaking course in the world that will book you for your first speaking event at the end of your training. That’s right, at the end of the course you’ll be speaking live on stage to an audience of strangers, giving you the chance to show off your motivational speaking talents and launch or grow your new speaking business!
Other courses offer practice sessions and even film them so you can watch yourself back, but so does SPEAKup, and then we give you your first real public speaking experience to boot!
One of the biggest problems people have when it comes to getting paid to speak is appearing credible and professional when approaching event organisers. To help with this, our course covers how to market yourself as a speaker, and we capture HD photos and video of you speaking at the live event so that you always make a great first impression (and get booked!).
So not only will you learn public speaking skills, but there’s also marketing modules that go over how to get future bookings, brand yourself as a speaker, and build your public speaking business.
Not to mention, the SPEAKup course runs for 3 months, and is taught via fortnightly workshops in the evenings. Certainly ideal for people who have day jobs and prefer long-term learning!
SPEAKup offers three package options for the 3 month course, starting at £699+VAT. And, because our goal is to be as accessible as possible, we offer payment plans to break up the cost of our course into monthly payments.
Even the most expensive package – the Professional Headliner package – is only a couple of hundred pounds* more expensive than the International School of Communication’s two day course. So really, by comparison, even our most expensive package is a bargain in comparison to our competitors.
(*£484.80 more expensive, to be exact – check out the comparison table below for more info).
Plus, the advantage of learning over 3 months as opposed to a day or so intensive course, is that you’ll build on your skills gradually and really have time to absorb the information and put it into practice long term.
Of course, we aren’t perfect either. Our course only run every 3 months (so once one course finishes, we start the next run), and workshops run in the evenings (6:30-9pm), so if you have other commitments or childcare to organise, this can sometimes be tough to navigate.
Being a three month course, we do go over a lot of content. So participants have to be willing to spend some time between workshops to do independent learning to truly absorb the course material.
That being said, we receive rave reviews and have a satisfaction rating of 9.6/10 from our customers!

Things to consider


The easiest way to get to know a company before participating on a course is to look at the testimonials they’ve received – they’ll have these on their website. But also check reviews on social media as this will give you a more rounded view (companies can choose to put the best reviews on their website, but social media is open to anyone)!
It’s also good to see what their previous course-takers have gone on to achieve. Have they accomplished goals similar to your own? If so, that course might be more favourable for you.
Now, while you’re going to want to look for the companies with the most good reviews, it’s also important to look out for how they respond to negative reviews. Are they genuinely apologetic, do they attempt to make amends with unsatisfied customers? Those are also signs of a good company willing to learn from any unfortunate mistakes!


Some important things to consider when it comes to a company’s experience; how long has the company been running? How much have they accomplished in that time? How often do they update their course material to reflect what’s relevant?
The majority of these things should be easy to establish by looking at a company’s website. But you can also enquire about these things and a good company will give you a transparent answer!


A company’s values will tell you a lot about the kind of people behind the brand. What are the key things they value as a company? Do those values appeal to you and your interests as a potential customer? These will generally be listed on a company’s ‘About’ page, so if you want to get to know a company at a glance, this is one of the best ways to do it!
Nowadays, we expect more from companies than just providing services. We want to know that they have their customer’s best interests in mind, and that they care about things outside of making a profit.
The easiest way to determine these things is by reading the copy on their website – what kind of tone does their company voice have? Is it friendly? Helpful? Honest? These are all good signs!
Many companies now also have social impact initiatives that they run in order to do their bit for the world outside of business. If a company has any such initiatives, you’ll be able to find information on what they are and what they’re doing to help those causes on their website (usually in the ‘About’ section). This might be in the form of monetary donations, volunteering time, or setting up their own systems to help with certain issues.
Now, this doesn’t necessarily affect their ability to provide motivational speaker training, but it does help you to see the people behind the company.

How long should the course be?

Many people learn better when they can focus themselves wholly on one subject away from daily life. Additionally, if you’re pressed for time, or you know you’re unable to make a regular commitment for an extended period of time, then a one or two day intensive course is probably the best route for you.
That being said, will you truly be able to absorb all of the key learning from a short course and apply it regularly once you’re finished? Many people find that with this style of training, the real learning happens once you start putting it into practice.
With a longer form course, you will have plenty of time for all of the information to sink in between sessions. If there’s something you don’t understand or have questions about, you can discuss it at your next workshop. This more gradual approach to learning allows the information to really become a part of you, something that you know inside and out.
In terms of finances too, long term courses can often be financially more viable. The majority of long courses offer an instalment option to pay your fees, spreading the cost over the duration of the course. This option can be useful if you don’t have savings set aside but you don’t want to wait to get started on your path to becoming a motivational speaker!
At the end of the day, you’ll have to weigh up what’s best for you. Consider your existing commitments, financial situation, and the way you learn best in order to make the most informed decision!

How much should the course cost?

Most speaking courses range from a couple of hundred pounds to a little over a grand. This may seem like a lot, especially with online learning platforms like Udemy and Alison which offer courses that are free or will only cost you £20-50.
But it really is a case of getting what you pay for. With an online course like the ones on e-learning websites, you’ll probably get a great introduction to the theory behind motivational speaking. But there’ll be no opportunity to practice or apply what you’ve learned, or even ask questions and get that essential feedback from a professional trainer.
It can feel like a lot of money to invest, but when you consider that what you’re learning is going to not only become a lifelong skill, but will also have the potential to create paid work if you’re looking to turn motivational speaking into a career. With newbies and beginners making between £100-£8,000 per speaking engagement, so paying between £300-1,500 doesn’t seem like a lot when you compare it to what you stand to gain.
That being said, it can of course be difficult to have that kind of money ready to go, especially if you’re in the process of starting your own business or have other financial commitments. One of the easiest ways to combat this is to see if the course you’re interested in offers a payment plan (this is more typical of longer courses than one day workshops as mentioned above, but it can’t hurt to ask!) or to keep an eye out for early bird offers and flash sales!

We hope you found this guide useful, and if you’d like more information on the SPEAKup Challenge, you can contact us here.