The SPEAKup Challenge

    An exciting 3 month training programme culminating in a live performance to an audience. Designed for any speaking ability, the programme is described as "a confidence revolution".

    3 Month Training Programme

    Designed to craft powerful, dynamic, and confident public speakers. When you speak, people will listen and absorb your message.

    Perform LIVE

    At the end of the training programme you'll perform LIVE to an audience. You'll feel confident, prepared, and eager to get onto the stage.

    Lifelong Friends

    The SPEAKup Challenge is really fun. Along the way you'll make lifelong friends and join one the UK's most active personal development communities.

    What You'll Learn

    The training programme lasts 3 months and will prepare you fully for your live performance in the final month

    Month 1: Content

    The first month of the course is dedicated to creating powerful content. You'll learn about telling stories, crafting powerful messages, and structuring the perfect way to speak about your topic.

    Become a Powerful Storyteller
    Create Inspiring Content
    Deliver Flawlessly Everytime

    Month 2: Voice

    During the second month we will deep-dive into voice. We will uncover how to speak with power, purpose, and passion. You'll learn how to have the audience eagerly listening throughout your entire speech.

    Speak with Passion
    Discover Your Voice
    Connect With The Audience

    Month 3: Body

    During the final month, we will explore body language and how to present with authority. You'll learn the formula for being authentic and building rapport when speaking.

    Become an Authority
    Move With Purpose
    Build Rapport

    Live Performance

    At the end of the training programme, participants perform live to an audience! Our public speaking coaches will ensure you are feeling confident, prepared, and excited to hit the stage.

    About SPEAKup

    We've been serving local communities since 2015 and have helped thousands of people become confident communicators. We are committed to providing world-class public speaking training in a fun and exciting environment.





    Words From Our Members

    We've helped thousands of people become confident communicators. Here's what a few say about us.

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