The worlds MOST EFFECTIVE transformational speaking course for those who want SIGNIFICANT improvements FAST. Attend our world-class training course and learn how to speak confidently, powerfully and with your unique voice. Then, deliver your own TED Style Talk at our live event – showing off your new skills and unleashing your inner “Professional Speaker”.

“Completely transformational programme with comprehensive support “

S Anjum – Manchester Challenger

“I gave a speech to about 100 people without any fear!”

S Madia – London Challenger

“This course has taken me a step closer to becoming a TED speaker!”

J Mavi – Birmingham Challenger

Course Introduction

Let’s get straight to the point…

You’re nervous about public speaking and you don’t feel like you impress people when you deliver. In fact, you probably walk away from a presentation feeling very thankful it’s over and that you can now relax.

Sound familiar?

It’s time to change that, and the best way is to step outside your comfort zone and take a “challenge”.

Here it is…

In just 3 months time, you will be standing on our stage in front of a live audience, delivering your own TED Style Talk and feeling confident, empowered and in control.

“This isn’t possible. I can’t do that”.

“I’m not a talented speaker”.

“I have a REAL FEAR of speaking so that’s not possible for me”.

“Three months can’t be enough time to develop to a professional standard”.

Think again.

The SPEAKup Challenge is a uniquely crafted public speaking course, delivered in the evening over three months, which guarantees significant improvements for those who participate.

Throughout the course you will learn how to speak like a leader, express yourself succinctly, overcome any fear related to speaking and present yourself professionally on the stage. Plus, SO MUCH MORE.

In fact, this is the most comprehensive public speaking course available in the UK, and with a ground-breaking live performance event at the end of the course, you will immerse yourself in the “world of public speaking” and experience a true transformation in your skills.

Think of this course as a “silver bullet” in public speaking training, designed for those who want significant improvements FAST and wish to move past “surviving” into “thriving” when delivering a presentation.

Join the thousands of alumni students in our “SPEAKup Challenge Community” who have undertaken this life-changing 3 month course and arrived at the end as confident, professional and charismatic speakers.

Will you be next?

Course content

The course takes place across three months in the evening and during this time you will cover a range of public speaking topics, taking you from a foundation level speaker to one that can express confidence and leadership when speaking.

Unit 1: Setting Your Goals & Mission as a Speaker

  • Get clear on how important developing these skills might be for your future
  • Set some clear objectives for the 3 month course ahead
  • Meet your group and get to know each other as you start this journey together

Unit 2: Structuring Your Presentation & Becoming a Master Storyteller

  • How to tell stories which captivate and inspire any audience or group
  • How to open and close talks to ensure you are memorable
  • How to develop charisma so you are respected and liked when speaking

Unit 3: Advanced Memory Techniques To Never Lose Your Place Again

  • The proven system keynote speakers use to never lose their place when speaking
  • How to let go of cue cards and be present with your audience
  • How to deliver TED style presentations without feeling nervous about forgetting words

Unit 4: Your First Performance Review & Individual Coaching

  • Deliver your first live talk and get personalised 1-2-1 feedback from your coach
  • Our Video Team will capture you on the stage for your own reflections
  • Receive a Performance Report filled with data about your strengths and weaknesses as a speaker.

Unit 5: Building Your Confidence & Reducing Speakers Anxiety

  • How to reduce anxiety before speaking and ensure you are calm and present
  • The proven techniques to calm your nerves and allow you to deliver your best
  • Discover a mindset SHIFT which will allow you to become the confident speaker you can be

Unit 6: Leveraging Your Unique Voice & Style – Vocal Masterclass

  • Discover your unique speaking style and what parts of your “speaking shape” need work.
  • Develop rich tone and thoughtful pacing – the cornerstones of great speaking
  • Uncover how motivational speakers use their voice to keep everyone at the edge of their seats

Unit 7: Improvised Speaking & Rapid Content Creation

  • Structures and frameworks for easily creating powerful content on the spot
  • How to answer questions in interviews and pitches so you seem in control and well considered
  • The “10% Rule” and how using this will develop your reputation as an authority / somebody to watch out for.

Unit 8: Mastering Your Body Language and Non-Verbal Communication

  • How world-class motivational speakers use their body language to build rapport
  • The key things to NEVER DO if you want to increase your results
  • Speaking with authority requires being conscious of your body

Unit 9-11: Your SPEAKup Challenge Live Event

  • Prepare a TED Style Talk on a topic of your choice (we will help you craft an incredible speech – don’t worry!)
  • Practice lots with us and your class, building your confidence and developing your skills.
  • Perform live at our event speaking on stage to an audience of people

Unit 12 (Optional): Becoming a Professional Speaker

  • For those who wish to use their new speaking skills in a professional environment, you will learn about how this can be done.
  • How to get paid to share your knowledge with people – even just by speaking to small groups or hosting your own workshops
  • How to develop your brand and find more customers for your business using speaking as a marketing strategy.

Graduation Night: Celebrate & Receive Your Certification in Public Speaking

  • Receive your Foundation Award in Public Speaking recognising you as a certified public speaker
  • Celebrate your developments on this course
  • Consider your next steps with speaking and what you wish to do moving forward.

Your Live TED Style Talk

The SPEAKup Challenge is the only public speaking course in the world that puts you on stage to deliver a live TED style talk at the end. That’s “the challenge“.

We know this may feel like a big stretch right now, but everybody who takes this programme points to the live performance event as a massive contributor to their improvements.

You will feel prepared.

You will feel confident.

And after, you will feel tremendously proud of the journey you’ve been on and the real transformations you’ve achieved in your public speaking.

How the course is delivered

Workshops are delivered in the evening (18:30-21:30) each fortnight and you will have 7 workshops in total across the course.

In between workshops you will have a small amount of coursework to complete. You should need no more than 1 hour per fortnight to complete this.

Depending on your city, you can pick a group which suits your calendar best. If you select the Tuesday group, your workshops will be each fortnight on a Tuesday evening. Come along to a Discovery Day to learn more about course start dates.

What people say about the course

The SPEAKup Challenge has been run for years across the UK and is the most popular of it’s kind due to the extraordinary results this programme helps people achieve.

“I have noticed a big shift in my confidence already and I’m only a third of the way the course”

N Taylor – London Challenger

“What was the result? A HUGE amount of growth. I’ve learned so much in such a short time and the environment is very supportive”

R Bahra – Birmingham Challenger

“When I first started the course I couldn’t even stand in front of 5 people and by the end of it all I gave speech to about 100 people without any fear.”

M Sosan – Manchester Challenger

“The SPEAKup Challenge has been an amazing adventure to super sharpen my skills in a safe, supportive and friendly environment. All the skills are broken down into easy to manage modules and you will find everything you learn is cross transferable in to everyday day life. Brilliant course!”

L Vincent – London Challenger

“I joined The SPEAKup Challenge a few weeks back and I have since realised it’s exactly what I need to support my new business. Being a sole trader means talking people into choosing you and not your competitor.”

S Lingua – Birmingham Challenger

“The materials, group sessions and the support from the whole SPEAKup Challenge Team is fantastic. I’ve got so much out of doing it already, I know that it will be a real game changer for me.”

D Davies – Manchester Challenger

Request Dates & Prices

This programme runs every 1-3 months in cities across the UK. To find out when you can join and to discuss payment options, please submit your information below.

Key Information

DurationStarts every 3 months. Fortnightly workshops in the evening.

LocationLondon, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool