Ending Child Suicide

We’re on a mission to reduce child suicide in the UK to zero. Every child deserves to live a full life and we will do all we can towards this aim.

Our Mission:
End Child Suicide in The UK

Ambitious individuals and companies turn to us to help them improve their public speaking. We are champions of speaking up and helping people become heard.

Unfortunately, hundreds of children take their own life each year in the UK and part of the problem is not having support available when it’s needed most.

The SPEAKup Challenge and our community of ambitious speakers are on a mission: to end child suicide in the UK.

To achieve this, we have started two projects seeking to help parents and children who find themselves needing urgent support.


We will fund 1000 outreach calls for children in distress to speak with a support worker when they need it most.

Every day many children pick up the phone and reach out to Childline for help. These conversations are driven by a range of factors including poor mental health and even physical abuse at home.

Childline is struggling to keep the phone lines open 24/7. If they miss a call, that could be one cry for help left to fatal consequences. It’s clear that having somebody to talk to is vital when a child is in distress, so SPEAKup has committed to funding 1000 of these calls as part of our mission.


We will create the UK’s first peer-to-peer support network for parents of at risk children, creating a space to share advice, best practice and to support each other day to day.

One of the things we’ve learnt from creating the UK’s leading public speaking community, is that having people by your side really counts. Parents have told us they often feel completely alone in supporting their child with a mental health issue.

The new network we are building will become a safe place for parents to discuss concerns, chat about their children as well as be introduced to any local support services which might be able to help them.

Project Updates

In 2019, we have created a new “updates” area below which will keep you informed on the above projects. If you have any further queries, do reach out to our team.