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Looking to Launch or Scale Your Coaching Business? Our Courses Were Made For You, Coach.

The world’s most comprehensive coach training, taught by experienced professionals, with immersive practical challenges and unrivalled student support throughout.

International Coach Challenge

A triple accredited Coach Certification programme with the aim of building the world's top 1% of coaches.

A live 8-day intensive course led by a Master Coach.

Implement your new skills with real international clients.

Launch your coaching business the right way.

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International Speaker Challenge

A transformative public speaking course designed to help coaches talk confidently, find their personal brand and share it one-to-many via speaking.

A 3-month course with fortnightly workshops.

Speak live at our international online conference.

Use speaking to grow your business.

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The High Ticket Sales Challenge

Perfect for new coaches who lack experience selling coaching. This course will help you promote and pitch high ticket coaching offers.

A 12-week course with weekly workshops.

Learn how to sell and build a sales strategy.

Pitch to our Mystery Client and get detailed feedback.

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1% Coach Club

Exclusively for SPEAKup Certified Coaches, this monthly event teaches advanced coaching skills designed to help you become a top 1% coach.

A full day of CPD every month.

Our network of elite international coaches.

Included when you book The International Coach Challenge.

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