The 1IN50 Coaching Challenge

Become a 1% in 50 days by learning Coaching, NLP, Hypnotheraphy and Timelines.


Course Introduction

The 1IN50 Coaching Accreditation offered by SPEAKup helps aspiring coaches develop a credible skillset in just 50 days. The “1” in “1IN50” stands for 1%. In other words, the intention of the course is to develop a world class Coaching, NLP and Timeline skillset in a relatively short period of time.

Coaching is an incredibly rewarding career option ideally suited to those who are great at listening and enjoy discussing goals. Becoming a full time coach starts with becoming accredited with a reputable awarding body and gaining as much practice as possible.

The 1IN50 Coaching Accreditation is unique as it is the only course available worldwide that builds “client practice” into the learning experience. All participants will spend hours working 1-2-1 with real clients implementing and mastering their coaching skill-set.

Who is this for

This programme is perfect for any of the following:

  • Individuals interested in becoming a professional coach and want to build the best skill-set possible.
  • Existing coaches who would like to retrain and increase their level of effectiveness.
  • Managers and senior executives who must coach team members regularly as part of their work.
  • Speakers, trainers and educators who want to learn coaching, NLP and Timeline skills to use with larger groups or audiences.

Main course features

Attend an 8 day intensive in Birmingham to become accredited
Join us in Birmingham for an intense 8 day experience with our Master Trainer. We will start from scratch and focus on practical learning which can be implemented the moment you start working with a client.

Practice with real clients
We will pair you up with clients throughout your programme and you will be able to implement your learning in a safe and supported environment. You will discuss solutions and difficulties with your peers and leave with hands on experience of what it’s like to coach at a world class level.

Become Accredited in Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Timelines
This programme is accredited by INLPF (International NLP Federation), ECNLP (European Community for NLP) and APCi (Association for Professional Coaching). On completion students will receive triple accredited certification in Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Timelines.

How to join

To join this programme, please get in touch with our team.