Introducing SPEAKup Bootcamp

    SPEAKup Bootcamp is a completely free public speaking course which runs across the UK. Participants attend a 2.5hr workshop and are then given a series of 'challenges' to do over the subsequent three days.

    1 World-Class Workshop (2.5hrs)

    Bootcamp starts with a 2.5-hour launch workshop which will give you tons of world-class public speaking training.

    3 Daily Challenges (via email)

    After the workshop, participants are sent a 'Daily Challenge' at 8am each morning for three days. These challenges are small steps designed to allow you to implement your learnings from the workshop.

    Completion Certificate

    After completing your three challenges, you will receive a Certificate of Completion to credit you for taking the SPEAKup Bootcamp course.

    Who Is This Course For?

    This course is designed specifically for certain individuals. You'll get the most out of it if you fit into one of the following groups.


    This course will help entrepreneurs to talk confidently about their ideas/business while also developing the self-confidence to lead a team. Perhaps you are the next Bill Gates, Elon Musk, or Tony Robbins? This course is for you and will help you become a ‘key person of influence’.

    Coaches, Authors, and Speakers

    Coaches, authors, and speakers, all require the ability to lead and influence. This course will help develop key skills such as persuasive communication and getting people to take action when you speak.


    This course will help employees develop confident speaking skills so they can work more effectively, contribute to meetings and presentations with ease, and develop more rapport with colleagues and clients.

    Growth Seekers

    Growth Seekers are individuals who seek opportunities to grow and become the best version of themselves. This course will help you become more confident in your personal relationships and will help you find your voice.

    What You'll Learn With SPEAKup

    At SPEAKup our aim is to create a safe space where you can learn and develop world-class public speaking skills.


    You'll learn about telling stories, crafting powerful messages, and structuring the perfect way to speak about your topic.

    Become a Powerful Storyteller
    Create Inspiring Content
    Deliver Flawlessly Everytime


    We will uncover how to speak with power, purpose, and passion. You'll learn how to have the audience eagerly listening throughout your entire speech.

    Speak with Passion
    Discover Your Voice
    Connect With The Audience


    We will explore body language and how to present with authority. You'll learn the formula for being authentic and building rapport when speaking.

    Become an Authority
    Move With Purpose
    Build Rapport

    About SPEAKup

    We've been serving local communities since 2015 and have helped thousands of people become confident communicators. We are committed to providing world-class public speaking training in a fun and exciting environment.





    Words From Our Members

    We've helped thousands of people become confident communicators. Here's what a few say about us.

    Book Your Free Place On Bootcamp

    Please note: Places on SPEAKup Bootcamp are limited and in high demand. It's important people who sign up do actually attend the course. For this reason, we enforce a £30 no-show fee for any participants who sign up but fail to attend.

    Have questions or need to register more than one person? Get in touch.