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Founded in 2015, we’ve grown from a small community group in Birmingham to being the UK’s largest provider of public speaking training.

Humble Beginnings

Look around. Is the world how you would wish to see it?

In 2015, The SPEAKup Challenge was founded because the answer to this question was a very clear “no”.

We see public speaking as one of the most important aspects of leadership, and to make the world a better place, we’re going to need many more leaders pushing for change.

The SPEAKup Challenge is a home for those who want to make the world a better place and realise improving their speaking, communication and leadership capabilities are a vital part of this journey.

Since 2015, we’ve expanded our training service across the UK and have helped many thousands of people with our world class training programmes.

If you want to make a difference in the world, no matter how small or big, welcome to your new community.

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Our Values

Every member of the team brings a unique talent or skill set, but we all share a few things in common: our values.


We constantly challenge ourselves to create bigger and better training experiences for our community. At SPEAKup HQ we live and breath new ideas, taking a “burn it down and start again” approach. This means we regularly take our courses and “burn them down” allowing us to completely rebuild them with new insights. The result of this tiring endeavour? Arguably the best communication training experiences available world-wide.


We stay true to our word. Due to our ambitious and innovative nature, we highly value integrity in our team to ensure we always deliver on our promises made to customers. In a world where “hyped up” marketing is the norm, and training rarely lives up to expectations, we want to be a voice you can rely upon time and time again.

We See Your “Big Picture”

We are invested in your big picture. If you are drawn to public speaking it’s because you have something important to offer the world. We care about that and want to encourage and support you on your journey. Your ambitions will have a home in our community and we will do everything we can to help you achieve them.


Our training will expand your speaking ability, but we will never turn you into a robot. Our focus is to ensure you are authentic when you speak, and your new authentic self is one which is confident, powerful and persuasive when appropriate.

Our Mission:
End Child Suicide in The UK

Ambitious individuals and companies turn to us to help them improve their public speaking. We are champions of speaking up and helping people become heard.

Unfortunately, hundreds of children take their own life each year in the UK and part of the problem is not having support available when it’s needed most.

The SPEAKup Challenge and our community of ambitious speakers are on a mission: to end child suicide in the UK.

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