About Us

    SPEAKup started in 2015 with one mission: create a space where people can develop the skills to make the world a better place. For 2 years we've helped thousands of people share messages about starting businesses, personal development, equality, politics, health, science, and more. World changers, welcome home.
    Reece Turner, Founder.

    We help people develop outstanding public speaking skills while improving confidenceself-esteem, and authenticity, through our world-class training programme The SPEAKup Challenge.

    The SPEAKup Challenge started as a small community group in Birmingham during summer 2015. The early days mostly involved small groups of around 10-30 people coming together to give each other feedback on their speaking style.

    It became clear very quickly that public speaking was doing more than just improve soft skills, it was giving our members confidence, increasing self-esteem, stirring ambition, and motivating them to strive for more in life

    In seeing all these positive effects, The SPEAKup Challenge was truly born, and since then our team has been completely dedicated to spreading the incredible impact public speaking can have.

    Since 2015, The SPEAKup Challenge has grown incredibly fast due to overwhelming demand. We've expanded our operation to cities all around the UK and have helped thousands of people become confident and powerful communicators.

    In 2018, we have over 200 events scheduled, which makes The SPEAKup Challenge one of the UK's most popular public speaking programmes available.

    One of our first events in the early days of The SPEAKup Challenge.

    One of our more recent events. Haven't we grown!