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    The SPEAKup

    3 live performance events which will turn you into a public speaking pro

What is The SPEAKup Challenge?

The SPEAKup Challenge is a set of public speaking events which our members work through as they become confident speakers. All members start at Challenge 1 and progress towards Challenge 3.


Challenge 1

Introduction Talk

4 minute talk Large audience Easy talk

All members start on Challenge 1, a 4 minute Introductory talk about themselves. Tell us a little about yourself and why you are looking to improve your public speaking skills. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare for starting The SPEAKup Challenge.

Challenge 2

Extended Talk

8 minute talk Large audience Intermediate talk

Challenge 2 is an 8 minute prepared talk given to a large audience. SPEAKup members have access to workshops, online materials, and the wider community, to support them through this Challenge.

Challenge 3 - Extended Talk

Challenge 3

Full Length Talk

12 minute talk Large audience Hard talk

Challenge 3 is a talk lasting 12 minutes, this is considered the starting length of small talks at many exhibitions. By this point, SPEAKup members have developed their skill-set and can communicate comfortably with a large audience.